What a great mid-week change of pace for our Co-Founder, Jesse Worsk and VP of Sales, Cody Trinch. They represented Black Bear Dispensaries by getting their hands dirty to help some amazing gentlemen with the The North Country Trail Association. A beautiful bridge was installed over a creek roughly 30 yards down from a small waterfall, running directly into the Clarion River. This group is truly filled with unsung hero’s whose passion is to enhance the hiking experience for the community.
Have you ever been on a trail and thought who built this or who cleared that fallen tree? It’s these 70+ year old’s. They volunteer their time so Clarion County natives and visitors can enjoy the amazing views of The North Country Trail.

Thank you Dave, Greg, Dave, Keith and everyone else helping to make a difference!

If you want to help this group check out.

The North Country Trail Association

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