D8 Ultra Refined CDT Distillate 4g- Allegheny Ext.

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Dive into the world of captivating strains, each with its unique characteristics, with Allegheny Extracts' 4g Cannabis-Derived Terpene Infused Distillate Jars. Elevate your cannabis journey with a diverse selection that includes a variety of sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, and hybrid options:

1. Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid): A classic hybrid known for its euphoric effects and sweet, earthy flavor.

2. Ice Cream Cake (Indica-Dominant): Indulge in the creamy, dessert-like taste and deeply relaxing experience of this indica-dominant strain.

3. Ice Cream Cookies (Hybrid): A delightful hybrid fusion of ice cream and cookies, offering a balanced high and delectable aroma.

4. Wedding Cake (Indica-Dominant): Celebrate with this indica-dominant strain, boasting a sweet and earthy flavor profile and a tranquilizing vibe.

5. Legendary Larry (Indica-Dominant): Dive into a legendary experience with Larry OG's potent relaxation and piney notes.

6. Biscotti Sherbet (Hybrid): A delightful hybrid fusion of biscotti and sherbet, delivering a fruity punch with a hint of cookies.

7. Sherbet Pie (Hybrid): Experience the sweetness of sherbet and a calming sense of serenity with this hybrid strain.

8. Truffle (Indica-Dominant): Unearth a treasure trove of relaxation with this indica-dominant strain's rich, earthy essence.

9. Lemon Skunk (Sativa-Dominant): A zesty sativa-dominant delight, Lemon Skunk energizes with a burst of citrus and euphoria.

10. Blue Cookies (Hybrid): Blend into a world of serenity with the tranquil effects and berry undertones of this hybrid strain.

11. Skunk OG (Indica-Dominant): Time-tested and robust, Skunk OG delivers a classic indica-dominant cannabis experience.

12. White Tahoe (Indica-Dominant): A serene alpine escape awaits with this indica-dominant strain, offering calming effects and piney notes.

Each Allegheny Extracts distillate jar is carefully infused with the distinct terpenes of these selected strains, enhancing your chosen experience. Whether you're seeking the uplifting vibes of a sativa, the relaxing embrace of an indica, or the balanced effects of a hybrid, our range ensures there's a perfect match for every cannabis enthusiast.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the world of flavors and effects that Allegheny Extracts' 4g Cannabis-Derived Terpene Infused Distillate Jars offer. Elevate your cannabis journey by selecting from this diverse lineup and savoring the essence of each strain. Unleash the potential of cannabis, one strain at a time.

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