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Elevate your experience with Choice Extraction's latest hemp-derived offering: Delta-9 THC + THCP Gummies! These gummies are as potent as dispensary-grade products, yet they remain compliant with the Farm Bill and federally legal, boasting a Total Delta-9 THC content below the 0.3% threshold.

(Also available in 20ct jar )

Many enthusiasts have shared their experiences with hemp-derived Delta-9, describing feelings of relaxation, creativity, laughter, and the classic "munchies." Please remember not to drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming Delta-9, whether derived from hemp or marijuana, as hemp-derived Delta-9 THC has the potential to be psychoactive.

Our CEI Delta-9 + THCP Gummies offer a robust experience, often reported to encompass both a cerebral and physical enjoyment.

What to Anticipate from Edibles:

Edibles deliver a longer-lasting effect compared to other consumption methods. This is due to the liver's metabolism and conversion of cannabinoids (such as Delta-8, THC, CBD) when ingested, in contrast to smoking or vaping. As a result, you'll experience a comprehensive bodily effect that remains in the bloodstream for an extended period.

Dosage Guidelines:

Always start with a small dose of THC and wait 1-2 hours to gauge the full effects before considering additional consumption. Choice's precisely measured products make it effortless to find the ideal dosage for your desired experience.


The onset of effects may vary, taking anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours after consuming an edible. The exact duration depends on factors such as your metabolism, height, weight, prior cannabis experience, and whether you've eaten recently.


Expect effects to last approximately 4-6 hours, though exceptionally high doses may persist for over 24 hours. Be cautious about your tolerance and incrementally increase your dosage to avoid an overwhelming experience.

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